A Poacher’s Trap Killed A Gorilla, His Buddies Found The Other Traps And Destroyed Them…

It’s amazing how far animals will go to protect their own.

For most of us, the idea of poaching wild animals like a gorilla is unthinkable. It’s a disgusting practice that should have been stamped out a long time ago. However, while people are still willing to buy their body parts, people will still kill these majestic creatures (and many others) if the price is right.


9 times out of 10, even the smartest animals are no match for the dumbest of humanity (poachers) if they’re carrying a weapon. However, now and again the animals try and turn the tables…


In 2012 an amazing response was witnessed by Dian Fossey in Karisoke, Rwanda (working with Gorilla Fund). One of the rangers there noticed that a gorilla had been killed by poachers who are using standard wooden traps. However, somehow the deceased gorilla’s friends were able to figure out that a trap had killed their buddy, and they went hunting for the poacher’s traps…


Here are some stunning images of the Gorillas finding and destroying the traps that killed their friend.

This little dude has the snare in his hand at the moment

There’s always time for a Banana Break

Needless to say, this is the first time anyone has ever witnessed something like this in the wild. It requires an amazing amount of coordination and intelligence to understand the danger of these traps and to decide as a community to find them and destroy them…

Adult gorillas can usually break free from the poacher’s traps, it’s the little ones like this adorable munchkin that are usually not so lucky.


Deep in thought

Snares are one of the most popular ways poachers catch their animals. They can be made with materials that are available in the forest, they’re surprisingly effective, and unless they catch something, they’re not going to get caught.

No one is hurting this little guy when momma is around!

Written by Jade Bloom

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