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An Incredible Gesture of Friendship

Watch what happens when this orangutan encounters a human seemingly trapped in the river.

Recently, while out on safari with his friends, Anil Prabhakar managed to capture a one-of-a-kind act of kindness.

Deep in the conservation forest areas of Borneo, he stumbled upon a forest warden who was clearing snakes from the river. As Prabhakar was taking some pictures of this intriguing sight, an orangutan came into the frame, reaching out his hand to the man, seemingly to help him out of the river.

People who saw Prabhakar’s photoswere in awe of the orangutan’s selflessaction, and so they quickly went viral.

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These touching images show an orangutan lending a helping hand to a forest warden in the river.

Someone had reported the presence of a dangerous snake in the area. So, the warden had gone there intending to chase it away.

While he was in the river, an orangutan emerged from the forest, carefully watching what the warden was doing.

He then proceeded to come a little closer and offered the man assistance with getting out of the river.

According to Prabhakar, the forest warden refused to take the great ape’s hand and just moved away.

When later asked why he had done this, he said that even though the orangutan seemed to be making a friendly gesture, it is still a wild animal. It’s the warden’s job to protect orangutan’s but they must always be cautious around them.


The warden in question is part of a non-profit organization called Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. Along with 400 others working for them, he aims to protect the natural environment of these beautiful creatures, which is under threat due to rapid deforestation.

Established in 1991, the foundation is currently responsible for the care of around 650 orangutans. In protecting the apes, they are also preserving a whole range of important flora and fauna. They believe that protecting the forest is as essential for humans as it is for the wildlife that lives there.

In the tropical rainforests of Borneo, there are over 160 different snake species. These too pose a serious threat to local orangutan inhabitants. To protect them, the warden’s try to keep the river free of these snakes and also teach orphaned babies to be wary of them. 

They do this will the help of rubber snakes. Take a look at this cute video of the orangutans having their lesson below:

Written by Jade Bloom

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