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Aussie Parents Replace Their Kids With Their Modem After Kids Refuse A Family Vacation

If your kids don’t want to come, find the next best thing!

Parenting has never been easy, and now with such easy access to technology, it can seem impossible to get them to spend quality family time away from the screen. Of course, there’s always a solution!

What do you do when your kids refuse to go on a fun family trip to instead spend time browsing the web? Australian parents Cassie Langan and her husband Chris decided to cut their kids’ internet connection… by taking the modem with them! Not only that, but they also decided to document their whole adventure with the modem, and accidentally became a viral story.

We reached out to Cassie to hear more of the story, how the kids reacted to being replaced, and what the response online was like.

Aussie parents took the modem on a trip instead of unappreciative kids

Enjoying the view!

Off on an adventure


Gotta stop for snacks!

According to Cassie, her husband’s job as a truck driver prevents him from seeing the family outside of weekends, while she and her daughter often work weekends. This means that they very rarely get to spend time together as a whole family.

Visiting the miniature village

Modem’s favorite arcade game!

Another snack break

Cassie thought a day trip to Warrnambool would be perfect, particularly because of a model train show happening there – her husband and the boys love trains.

Relaxing on the beach

What a beautiful day!


Modem loved the slide!

As always with kids, things didn’t go as planned. Cassie’s teenage daughter simply refused to come on the trip with them, while their 10-year-old son followed her lead and threw a tantrum about wanting to stay at home.

Fish and chips anyone?

Making friends with the seagulls

Never too old for the playground

Only their 13-year-old son agreed to come with them, and so the parents decided to do what any other parent would, and take the modem on a well-deserved trip!

Just hanging out


Checking out the dock

Taking away their kids’ internet access resulted in something magical: their daughter had been so bored without it that she had decided to clean her room and even spend time with her younger brother!

A beautiful end to the day

Heading home now…

Souvenirs from the trip!

When they returned, Cassie posted all of the pictures they’d taken of their fun day out, saying that she hoped the funny story would brighten up somebody’s day. She was blown away at the number of people commenting on, liking, and sharing her post, and was glad to see that even her kids eventually saw the funny side to it, despite their protests and confusion in the beginning.

The internet loved every moment!


Written by Jade Bloom

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