Baby Yoda Look-alike Pup Finds Loving Home

The beautiful boy was rescued from a slaughterhouse in China

There are not many people who can resist puppy pics, and, for those who are also fans of the epic Star Wars Franchise, we have an even bigger treat in store.

Remember the Baby Yoda meme that took the internet by storm last year? Well… meet Mork. He’s the doggy that looks exactly like that adorable character. In fact, Mork is so popular that he already has 118K followers on Instagram.

But there is so much more to the Mork’s story. This darling doggo was rescued from the meat trade in China by an organization called Harbin SHS. When they found him, he was so weak that he nearly died. Thankfully though, with some loving care, this lucky pooch pulled through.

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Keeping warm and cozy

That face, though…

Harbin SHS does fantastic work saving thousands of lives every year. They focus on getting the animals healthy before working with various partner agencies to have them rehomed. Road Dogs is one such company that, to date, has found loving homes for over 50 precious pups.

Mork’s new owner knew as soon as she saw him that he was the guy for her. His recovery hasn’t been a smooth ride though. He suffers from IBS and was extremely underweight when he arrived from China. He also has an assortment of congenital issues linked to bad breeding, such as problems with his heart and breathing.

Still,Carvey is optimistic. She is working with various specialists and trying out different diets and supplements to help speed up Mork’s recovery.

Adorable baby boy


Hanging out with friends

According to Carvey, the public’s response to Mork has been simply incredible. This pup certainly seems to touch people’s hearts. His story inspires people, makes them smile.

Some people have urged her to run tests on Mork’s breed. However, she is reluctant to do this because of the concern that people may try to imitate his cute looks with no regard for the health implications this may bring.

The important thing, though, is that his pictures can be used to raise awareness of the continuing meat trade in China and the importance of adoption. The most amazing dogs can be found in shelters and rescue centers.

So what’s next for Mork? Well, the first thing to concentrate on is getting him fully healthy after his traumatic start to life. After that, Carvey will be looking to train him as a therapy dog – visiting nursing homes and hospitals and bringing joy to the patients there.

A little worried…

Happy Holidays all!

Poor little angel

Snug as a bug

I love this chair!


Is this bed for me?

Best buddies together

Off to explore

Who is this guy?

Look! A squirrel!


Can I have a treat?

Making friends everywhere

How can you resist?

Time for walkies?

Yay! Let’s go!


Please can I? Please!

I’m so adorable

Sitting like a good boy

Let the fun times roll

What do you mean the sausages are gone?

Can I drive?


Just chillin’ out

Enjoying a bath

Do you love me?

The cutest passenger

Loving my doggy drives

Anything good on TV?

The cutest joker

Time for cuddles


Do you wanna play?

Are you okay?


Time to get up

Puppy dog eyes

Out with the guys

The cutest little shark??


Ready for bed

I am listening

You have to turn the key…

Mom! I don’t like the back seat

Got a cold?

Getting up to mischief

Sitting in the sun

Another cute look

Cozy in the garden

I wuv ooh!

Whose bed is it?

Are you still there?

Looking cool dude

Time for my close-up

Are we done with the pictures yet?

Okay, just one more…

Written by Jade Bloom

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