Delightfully Dorky Doggos Showing off their Pearly Whites

With their cute smiles and enthusiastic grins, these canine clowns will have you baring your own teeth in appreciation. 


There is so much to love about man’s best friend, from their melting brown eyes to the adoring way that they greet you at the door. In fact, there is an endless number of subreddits dedicated to how much we love our canine pals and their funny ways.


The ‘Toofers’ group is another example of this. Here you can catch adorable pics of dogs snapped with their gnashers on show. Here are some of the very best pictures from this community to brighten your day. 


Scroll down and let us know which ones you like the most and why and don’t forget to share them with your dog-loving family and friends. 

I’m a very bunny pup.

Ooof, not good!

It’s selfie time.


The ‘Toofers’ is a popular community with over 70.2k followers. They encourage all users to post pictures of their dog’s ‘beautiful smile, silly snarl, or adorable snaggle tooth.’ 


There is a clear message behind the silliness, though – to encourage owners to take care of their pet’s teeth. After all, just like ours, they need a little loving care to keep them healthy and looking beautiful, and you can’t expect your furry friend to brush and floss his own teeth, can you? 

Help! I’m a little stuck…

Who’s a pretty boy then? I am!

You can’t resist my charms.

According to Hill’s Pet Nutrition, dog owners can keep their dog’s teeth in tip-top condition by knowing what to look out for. Dogs have 42 teeth on average, and they need to be kept clean without any visible tartar or plaque buildup. Any jagged or broken teeth could cause serious problems for your canine friend. 


Their tongue needs to be moist and without signs of lumps or other damage, and their gums should be salmon pink – although some dogs naturally have black gums making it a little trickier to spot any problems with their health. 


I’m not impressed!

Movie and chill.

Yay Mommy!


While your dog certainly can’t clean his own teeth, there’s no reason you can’t give him a helping hand. Just make sure to use toothpaste that is specifically designed for dogs. Additionally, there are some chew toys and treats available that can also be used to help clean his teeth and keep bacteria at bay. However, you should also ensure that you are regularly taking your pet to the vet for a check-up and a deep cleaning procedure. 

I’m the funniest dog, you know.

Tough day at the office.

Just a cute woodland creature.

Consult the vet if you notice that your dog has unusual lumps in his mouth, inflamed gums, or particularly bad breath. 


So, over to you. Any top tips for canine dental health? If so, let us know in the comments section. 

I’m coming to getcha!

Hard as nails but friendly too


Uhhhh, what’s going on here?

It’s my prettiest smile.

I’m so cute – how can you resist?

It’s c-c-c cold!

This is my happy place.


One is not amused.

I’m a merdog!

Has anyone seen the dog?

Just a little nap…

I’ve got all the charm

What do you mean you ate all the sausages?


Just smile and back slowly away…

Dude, what is this?

Hello human

This is my sexy pose

Do you wanna come out to play?

Written by Jade Bloom

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