Here Are All The Reasons This Mother Has Been Called A ‘Bad Mom’

Sia Cooper had taken some time off blogging, but after falling pregnant she decided to pick up her virtual pen again and start talking about her journey to motherhood. Like most mothers, she’s dedicated her life to her children and has dedicded to quit nursing to be a stay at home mom ans spend as much time with her kiddos as possible (and it allowed her to blog about the experience).

However, this is where things took a turn for the worse…

People started calling her a bad mother, then more people joined in, and before long she had her very own club of haters. 

However Sia isn’t one to back down, and in response to the, she’s written an open letter that has been viewed tens of thousands of times. She’s become a bit of an icon since it went viral, and her honesty and ideas about parenting have really hit the nail on the head for some people.

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