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Meet Man’s New Best Friend – The Cow

These heartwarming photos and videos show just how playful and dog-like some cows can be.

When you’re considering which animal would make the perfect pet, you probably wouldn’t be thinking of a cow. That’s a real shame, though because, as the below photos and videos demonstrate, cows are actually a lot more like dogs than you may think!


Just like man’s best friend, these adorable cows love playing games, exploring, and cuddling up to people. And, with so many different types of cow out there, surely there is one to suit everyone? Couldn’t you just see yourself with a pet cow? Look at the adorable babies…

Okay, so we understand that not everyone is in a position to be able to take on a cow as a pet. Even so, we hope that these images and ones like them can start to encourage people to see the more sensitive side of these beautiful creatures. The hope is to inspire more ethical treatment of them.


This precious baby enjoying a cuddle

Meeting the neighbors

How cute is this baby cow?


A guy and his best friend taking a snooze together

This cow definitely thinks he’s a dog

A loving bond between a boy and his pet

This cow is enjoying catching snowflakes on his tongue

Oh, it’s just Howie Mandel taking a mini cow for a walk…

These cows are having a grand old time chasing that car


This baby cow just loves to cuddle up with the kids

The dog looks a little put out that this cow has taken his place

Just like dogs, cows love being outside

This charming guy clearly loves his hooman

Sit! Stay! Good boy! You can’t see it, but he’s wagging his tail

Radar is perhaps getting a little too big for his old dog bed

They just look so happy to be together

This guy loves rolling his hay bale around the field

Surely everyone's a fan of back scratches? This way you can help yourself

Two tired boys after having been off adventuring together no doubt


Cows genuinely do make great companions

Just a cow, playing with his ball

Right there, that’s hitting the spot

Big, cheesy smiles

Clearly best friends for life

So the question is – do they think he’s a cow or that they are dogs?


This good girl is really enjoying her belly rub

Having a great time playing together

A boy and his cow all tuckered out at the local fair

This gentle giant

Two beautiful babies

Written by Jade Bloom

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