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Newborn Daughter Rewards Doting Dad With A Thousand Watt Smile

After He Spent Months Talking To Her While Still In Her Mother’s Womb

Ask any parent in the world, and they would tell you that the greatest wonder of the world is seeing your baby open her eyes for the first time. If it’s your first baby? The moment is incomparable.

And for one Brazilian couple based in Rio de Janeiro, this moment was made even more special by their newborn daughter’s wonderful reaction.

They say that all babies come crying and squalling into this world, but Antonella’s face broke into the most angelic smile when she saw her parents for the first time. And you know why? Because her father FlávioDantas spent the past few months talking to her while she was still in her mother’s womb.

In a post that he shared on Instagram, Flávio recounts how he spent his every day talking to his unborn daughter, telling her that he loved her, and how he was going to be the best Dad in the world. Imagine his happiness when that little bundle of joy smiled upon entering this world, as if she had understood his every word, and knew that her Daddy would always be there for her.

Flávio doted on his daughter before she was even born

Ever since Flávio learned that he was going to be a father, he has been ecstatic beyond belief. He describes his daughter as God’s biggest gift to him, a gift that has given him the strength to let go of his sadness and fight the world, his head held high. The depth of Flávio’s love for his child is clear in his stream of excited posts on social media featuring photos of his little angel and his boundless love for her.

And so he was delighted when she beamed at him in recognition


Her mother, Tarsilla’s posts are equally heartwarming. In one such sweet picture, she gushes how her daughter a gift sent by the Lord above. In another, she can be seen holding Antonelle close to her. She calls her precious baby a rare jewel cut and shone by the very hands of God himself, and declares with a mother’s quiet certainty that all the wealth of the world would weigh lesser than her.

The young parents are raising their daughter at Rio de Janeiro, where Tarsila used to work as a cook and an attendant for a kiosk and Flávio is a soldier that works with the navy.


Written by Jade Bloom

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