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Bargain Hunters: Check Out Our Top 5 Stores For Beautifying Your Pad During Lockdown…

You’re going to be spending a whole lot more time at home with this lockdown in place…

So there’s never been a better time to level up your decor.

And now, more than ever, it’s a great time to grab a bargain.

When it comes to decorating our homes, we all have different styles. This is why it’s important to shop somewhere that offers a broad range of home furnishings, suited to all tastes.

As well as style, we want to ensure that we get great value for money from the products we buy. That means high-quality products that won’t fall apart but won’t break the bank either.

To help you decorate your home with the most beautiful, high-quality and value for money furnishings on the market, we’ve compiled this list of the top 5 home furnishing stores in the UK. Our list is guaranteed to help you find a store that will meet both your style preferences and budget.


Wayfair is one of the world’s largest and most popular UK online destinations for home furnishings. Wayfair believes that everyone should live in a home they love and this is reflected in the products they offer.

Their popularity comes down to the wide selection of home furnishings for every room of the house. From rugs, bedding, tableware, storage solutions, and even pet furnishings, Wayfair is a one-stop-shop for all. Moreover, their daily sales deals and free delivery make it a great option for those looking to keep costs low.

What Deals Are Available?

Wayfair offers new and existing customers promos from time to time. They change regularly, so check their site out below for the latest accurate information.

Click here to see the latest official promos and coupons from


For the sleekish, most stylish decor, is for you. Made describe themselves as high-end design, without the high-end price tag, allowing everyone to create their dream home interior.

Plus, even if you’re not creative minded, on their website you’ll find many inspiring interior design ideas as well as helpful tips and style advice to transform your indoor space.

What Deals Are Available?

Several great deals on at the moment, check out their site for more info

3.   Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is an independent British lifestyle store that offers the latest on-trend home decor designs as well as fashionable clothing, jewellery and beauty collections. What’s more, their products can make brilliant, unique gifts that everyone will love.

As well as an online department store, Oliver Bonas has numerous physical locations throughout the country, allowing you the luxury of feeling and touching the items before purchasing.

What Discounts Are Available?

Not that many to be honest compared to the others on this list. Check here for info.

4.   Habitat

Habitat is an iconic brand in the home furnishing world. With 55 years of innovation, their in-house designers consistently create the most beautiful pieces to make a house a home. Habitat strives to create the most original, cleverly crafted products for an affordable price.

Their products are certainly unique. If you like to follow home decor trends but want to stand out from the crowd too, Habitat will ensure your home looks modern, stylish and Instagram worthy!

What Discounts Are Available?

Great savings all year round with various discounts and coupons available. Take a look here.

5.   John Lewis

One of the most famous high-end British department stores, John Lewis has been kitting out people’s homes for centuries. With stores in every major city and town throughout the country, plus an extensive online site featuring multiple collections, you’ll find furnishings for every taste at John Lewis.

John Lewis is great at helping you find the product that’s right for you with their online buying guides and home design service. Although John Lewis may not be the cheapest store on the list, their products are durable, reliable and of supreme quality, meaning they will last for years to come.

Our home reflects our personality and serves as both a sanctuary to retreat to and a space to entertain our friends and family. To create the most welcoming and cosy feeling for you and your loved ones, visit one of these leading British home furnishing stores.

What Discounts Are Available?

Lots. And Lots. And Lots. Here are the deets.

Written by Jade Bloom

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