The Beautiful Friendship of a Lady and Her Dog

Photographer captures the loving bond between his Grandma and her best friend against some staggeringly gorgeous backdrops.

Japanese photographer Yasutotook a series of heartwarming photos of his Grandmother and her dog, a Shiba Inu set against the kind of jaw-dropping backgrounds that the Land of the Rising Sun is famous for.

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Loved the photos but more of a cat than a dog person? Head over to Bored Panda’s post on the Meow Meow Temple also in Japan. Packed full of feline’s, this place is a cat-lover’s dream come true! Japan truly sounds like my kind of place.

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A little puppy love

Cuddles among the flowers

Taking a break together


Every one of the seasons is perfectly represented in these glorious images – eachmore vibrant and unique than the last.

On Twitter,Yasuto explained that he regretted never having the chance to take any such photos of his Grandfather. So, he has seized every opportunity to snap as many pics of his Grandmother as he can. Such a loving Grandson, don’t you think?

Watching the world go by

Enjoying the view

A constant companion

For those of you longing to visit Japan to see for yourself the incredible beauty of the cherry blossoms, the best time to go is generally around mid to late March.

And, all you doggo fans are probably curious about this adorable breed – the Shiba Inu. You might even be wondering what kind of pets they make…

A special bond

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Being together in a beautiful place


According to the experts over at Shiba Shake, these dogs are independent and very clean. In fact, in this respect, they are much more similar to cats than dogs.

Energetic and graceful, they made excellent guard dogs. What’s more, they are incredibly bright and learn commands with ease. In all that they do, their larger-than-life personality shines through!

If you’re thinking at this stage that they sound a little too perfect, you should know that Shibu Inu’s can also be very stubborn, quite manipulative, and are prone to being overdramatic.

A new perspective

The view from above

A perfect day for a walk

Sitting under the shade of the tree

Surrounded by nature


A lovely vintage feel

Finding new places to spend time

Out in the garden

Taking a stroll in the park

Those stunning cherry blossoms


A lovely place to be alone together

Dedicated to one another

Stunning red flowers

A moment of togetherness

Just taking a quick break

Visiting different places


Vibrant fall colors

Special friendship, unique place

A seat made for two

Friendship and trust

Just a lady and her dog


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