Then and Now Adopted Cats; A Little Love Makes All the Difference

Heartwarming pictures of precious fur babies who, after a rough start in life, have finally found their forever homes.

Adopt don’t shop is an important message for those considering getting a pet. While taking on the responsibility of a cat is never an easy decision; welcoming a poor and neglected kitty into your home could change not only their life for the better but also yours. 

A community of people on Reddit r/BeforeNAfterAdoption are sharing their touching stories of what happened when they did just this. Their moving before and after pictures show the incredible transformations that these darling felines have gone through and will be sure to bring a smile to your face. 

1.One year of love and care - it’s hard to believe this is the same cat!

Luckily for cats like Yuzu, more and more people are looking to adopt rather than purchase pets. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that roughly 3.2 million shelter animals are rehomed each year. 1.6 million of these are cats. More importantly, the number of healthy animals being put down in such shelters has plummeted in recent years, falling more than 75 percent since 2009. These incredible statistics indicate that more and more abandoned pets are getting a second chance in life. 

2.Beautiful Barley has come a long way in just three months.

3.How could anyone resist that precious face?


Such adoption stories prove that there is hope even for the most neglected of kitties. The transformations that these cats have gone through are astounding to see. That was certainly the case for Cousteau in his rags to riches tale of scrawny street mog to perfect prince. Trojan not only gifted her family with herself but also with five beautiful baby kittens. This all goes to show that when cats are rescued and placed in a loving home, they do indeed flourish – and the change is usually instantaneous. Seeing the outcome of this is why many people consider adopting a cat to be one of the best decisions they ever made. 

4.Lovely little Melvin has found his happy place with his mommy.

5.What a difference a couple of weeks makes, Emmy is healed, happy, and hanging out.

6.Poor little Benben was rescued from death row.

7.Kai Mana was nearly put down because he needed surgery. Luckily, loving new owners took care of him.

8.Phoenix is a fitting name for this little gem who has indeed risen from the ashes.

9.This little boy just needed a little love to make him better.


10.After a single week of feeding up, Kira is clearly content.

11.Sweet Cousteau - from the streets of New Orleans to his palace in Paris.

12.Adopting 13-year-old Sonny was the best decision they ever made.

13.Roadrunner shows how even the most injured kitties can be nursed back to health.

14.Poor orphaned Jake has grown into one cool cat.


15.This once lonely boy now has all the love he needs.

16.Beautiful brothers who were adopted together.

17.Affectionate Albus, abandoned on the streets of Cairo, is now spoilt rotten every day.

18.This nervous girl took a while to come out of her shell.

19.A little love goes a long way.


20.Harry fought back from death’s doorstep.

21.One month and a lot of food – what a change!

22.Spooky sadly didn’t live long, but he knew he was loved.

23.What a transformation Midnight made after finding a happy home.

24.This little princess gave birth to five kittens just a couple of hours after being taken in.

25.Fostered kitty is now healthy with a full belly.


26.When River was adopted, he was riddled with fleas and infections.

27.Cupido gets his name from the fact he was shot with an arrow!

28.One year after her adoption, Sela is doing so well.

29.This little dude got his second chance at love.

30.From fat cat to handsome boy!

Written by Jade Bloom

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