There’s a New Grump in Town

Check out this cantankerous cat that you can’t help but love

Remember Grumpy Cat – the cute but sullen feline who captured the internet’s attention? Well, obviously no one could ever replace her, but there is a new kitty on the block, who is looking just as angry about things. Meet Meow Meow the giant fluff from Taiwan.

Her owner Clare says that Meow Meow is a very magnificent cat indeed. She bore her recent stay in the pet hospital for her hyperthyroidism treatment with dignity. She’s one classy broad! Of course, it was clear that she hated everyone and everything around her throughout her time there. But that’s what’s special about Meow Meow, she expresses her disgust for the world in such a regal way – like the queen that she so clearly is.

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Wow she certainly looks very angry about something

Interestingly though, it looks like Meow Meow is, in fact, even older than the original Grumpy Cat.

Clare and Meow Meow met for the first time in an old pet shop when the pretty kitty was about ten months old. For some unknown reasons, this precious mog had been abandoned by her previous owners. Clare and her brother took her back to her new home and she became Clare’s first-ever cat.


She doesn’t seem to be enjoying her cuddles

Despite her grumpy appearance, Meow Meow is a sweet girl. Every day she wakes her new owner with a gentle massage.

She is an early riser and, if the gentle massage is not enough to wake her owner, she will resort to nibbling until she gets her breakfast.

Meow Meow is, however, quite a picky eater and refuses to have any other cat food but the one she has deemed suitable.

After eating, she cleans herself and then heads to her favorite place near the window to spend time watches the birds outside. If the curtains are closed, she will open them herself to make sure that she can see what’s going on.

According to Clare, the reason Meow Meow looks so grumpy is because of the dark patches around her eyes which resemble the Batman sign. However, to her, Meow Meow will always be the cute little kitty that she found in that shop.

Meow Meow is more than happy to have her picture taken (as we can see). Clare tells how she once dressed her up like a princess to take her out, but when her friends saw Meow Meow, they said that she definitely was more of a queen.


Regal in every way


People immediately fell in love with this charming character

Written by Jade Bloom

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