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This Disabled Dog Was Going To Be Put Down Until A 12 Year Old Built Him A Wheelchair Made From Lego

I can’t even build a house from Lego…

There’s a special kind of scumbag that dumps a puppy on the side of the road, and unfortunately for little Gracie – that’s exactly what her original owners were. Cold, alone, and unable to fend forherself (due to a birth defect that meant she was born without her back legs) death was all but certain.


However, a passer-by found the pup, and took her to the vets. She was in terrible condition, her eyes were covered in maggots, her fur was gone, she was covered in cuts and sores, and was seriously close to dying.


Gracie being the true warrior she is refused to give up however, and with a little help from some of her new friends – she’s doing wheely, wheely good!

Here’s the star of the show, Gracie the puppy. She’s a happy little girl now thanks to the kindness and compassion of a 12 year old boy with a big heart.

Gracie’s new family (the Turneys) knows a thing or two about caring for a disabled dog as they have another pooch with a birth defect. When they saw Gracie they knew that they could help. However there were a few issues, she was too young for a wheelchair. If they got her fitted for one, it would be out grown pretty quickly…

Here comes the hero of the story, 12 year old Dillan. His crafty mind got thinking, and decided he was going to help little Gracie by building her a fully functional wheelchair out of Legos!

There’s a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to controlling wheelchairs made from Lego.

But Gracie mastered it in no time at all!

And after a while, she needed bigger wheels as she’d grown. The beauty of Dillan’s design meant that they could be easily swapped out!

Written by Jade Bloom

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